Roof Terrace, One Lochrin Square

The construction project comprised of the installation of a 250m2 terrace and fire exit on the 4th floor of commercial offices at One Lochrin Square, Edinburgh.

The project was delivered within a live environment with the business remaining fully operational, regular communication with the Building Manager ensured disruption was minimal. Deliveries were carefully co-ordinated using a hoist and crane to externally lift materials to the 4th floor.

Full works comprised:
• Existing ballast was cleared to allow for the installation timer supports from the 3rd floor steel-work
• Existing roof fabric sealed
• Sub-floor installed using a combination of oak and steel beams, creating a solid base for timber decking slats
• Installation of galvanised hand rail and man-safe system to the boundary of the decking
• Installation of new fire exit door within the existing curtain wall structure
• Supply and installation of seating, tables and planters




Aug - Oct 2018


11 weeks


One Lochrin Square


February 25, 2019