Residential Refurbishment, Thistle Street Lane

The construction project compromised the subdivision, conversion and alteration of a 6 storey office block into 11 residential flats at 45A George St, South West Thistle Street Lane.

The project was delivered over 1 Phase in the busy City Centre. The building directly below the link bridge was live throughout its removal and was successfully carried out without disruption.

Full works comprised:
• Removal of asbestos over all floor and walls around lift
• Subdivision works, converting floor into 11 apartments over 6 floors
•Structural alteration to form wall openings to create new entrance doors to flats
• New steel work installations
• Mechanical and electrical installations
• Removal of Link Bridge and down-taking of fire escape stair
• Installation of new membrane system over the existing roof
• Sprinkler systems installed throughout flats
• Dry riser system altered and made good
• New phase power brought into the basement level
• Carpets and oak flooring throughout
• New glass balustrade and oak timber hand rail installed and existing hand rails on spiral staircase refurbished
• The in-house manufacture and installation of bespoke cupboards
• Full decoration throughout


Jan 18 - Oct 18


40 weeks




Thistle St SW Lane


Private Property Developer


December 3, 2018