Refurbishment of Assembly Hall, 33 Melville Street

Form of Contract:

SBCC Minor Works Building Contract for use in Scotland MW /Scot (2016 Edition) 2018 Amendment.


The Works comprise the refurbishment of an existing assembly hall.

The full works comprised:

  • Isolations of electrics
  • Isolation of the existing radiators
  • Removal of existing ceiling
  • Removal of existing stage
  • Alterations to the existing kitchen to suit a new dishwasher
  • Install steel supports to form part of the library platform
  • Install new spiral staircases to each platform
  • Sheet ceiling with new T / E plasterboard
  • Install new lighting throughout the hall
  • Install new door entry system
  • Construct new plasterboard partition to the rear of the stage with double door set
  • Stain existing floor to match clients specification
  • Upgrade existing radiators

Bespoke cast stairs leading to new mezzanine levels lined with bookcases manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility. New lighting throughout, and intercom system will allow the library to operate unmanned. New heating pipes with bespoke radiators contrast beautifully against the stain of the bookcase. Existing flooring was stripped back and re stained with the stage floor up-cycled from the existing to form the new smaller surface.


Didasko Education LTD




November 21 - February 22


16 weeks




February 28, 2022