4 Machine-Men

The 4th day of Christmas is dedicated to our 4 Machine-Men, we look forward to seeing many more manufacturing projects in 2019 ⛄️

6 Live Projects

We’re now half way through our countdown with the 6th day of Christmas dedicated to Live Projects. Featuring a very festive Site Manager 🙆‍♂️

7 CAD Creations

Our CAD team bring to life many of our Manufactured Joinery projects so day 7 in our countdown is dedicated to all the CAD Creations from 2018 🖱

8 Games of Hockey

The 8th day is dedicated to Games of Hockey as this year we proudly sponsor the Murrayfield Racers. This year, going to watch ice hockey has been and will continue to be enjoyed by our team and their families most weekends 🏒. letsgoracers