Lyell Reception Desk Heriot-Watt University

The elegant new reception desk designed, manufactured and installed by SJS at the Lyell Building, Heriot-Watt University for our valued clients Morrison Construction and Heriot Watt University.

Woodburn Primary School

The new Family Learning Centre is nearing completion at Woodburn Primary School with the finishing touches in progress as it comes to the final week of the contract. Another quality project successfully delivered for our valued client Midlothian Council.

Radisson Blu Vanity Units

2016 has seen our manufacturing joinery business continue the very busy year we had in 2015, with an incredibly hectic and productive January already behind us and a strong order book ahead, 2016 looks like being another good year. January’s projects included the production of the main components for bespoke vanity units at the Radisson Blu Hotel Edinburgh ready for installation next week for our valued client Sharkey.  Another quality piece of work carefully produced by the SJS Manufacturing Team.

Healthy SJS Team

Over 100 years old

We are currently using reclaimed timber from within the property on our project at The Milk Factory in Leith to create new furniture and fitments for the new residential property.

The old reclaimed timber joists dated over 100 years old are being machined and restored in our bespoke manufacturing facility to provide the timber for much of the new furniture including the basin tables shown in the fabrication drawing.


Further to our previous post showing the 3D modelling of the eye catching reception desk, the installation is now complete. Another quality piece of bespoke joinery successfully manufactured and installed for our valued client Sharkey.