SJS protecting the environment and our workforce.

SJS protecting the environment and our workforce. 

 We have Green Box Technology (by Ecogate Energy Monitoring System) controlling dust extraction in our bespoke manufactured joinery facility.  The Green Box Technology reduces energy consumption by automatically closing dampers on unused machinery making dust capture more efficient. Furthermore it moderates the fan speed which has the additional benefit of reducing the overall noise exposure faced by our workers and the surrounding neighbourhood.

 SJS – Safeguarding the environment whilst enhancing our production process to deliver the highest quality bespoke joinery.

Office Furniture

Bespoke office furniture nearing completion in our manufacturing facility for a private client.  Another quality piece of bespoke manufactured joinery furniture carefully designed and produced by SJS.

2 Castle Terrace

Some details of the modern five story commercial office refurbishment at 2 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh which we have just completed for our valued client, Knight Property Group. Another project successfully delivered, a very satisfied client, and great working partnership with consultants Axiom Project Services, Atelier Ten and Space Solutions

Loretto Golf Academeny Refurbishment

Loretto Golf Academy Article

Published on the SpecFinish website is our recently completed project at Loretto School Golf Academy. Another successful project working with Sektor who provided the partitioning system that sits within the academy’s new indoor golf practice area forming conference, office and reception facilities.

Milk Factory

Our recently completed 11,000 sqft luxury private residential property conversion at the Nestle’s Milk Factory at Wellington Place, Leith. The development retained many main features of the historic factory environment with the majority of the bespoke manufactured joinery furniture and fitments being produced using timbers reclaimed from the factory’s structure. We enjoyed a successful working partnership with Four-by-Two Consultants on this magnificent project and wish all the best to our client in their magnificent new home.

Falkirk Wheel

A 3D Model of the wonderful children’s merchandising display unit which will be installed within the retail shop area as part of our refurbishment project at The Falkirk Wheel Visitors Centre.  The unit which is a full scaled model of The Falkirk Wheel has been designed and manufactured within our state of the art joinery manufacturing facility and is currently receiving the finishing touches in our polishing shop prior to delivery at the end of the week.